Bullies get a taste of justice

A member of the Justice Crew in action.

Canowindra High School is serious about stamping out bullying with a glittering launch to promote its new anti-bullying plan.

Canowindra principal David Lloyd said the new plan had been developed with input from students, teachers and parents.

The plan was launched through a half-day festival with performances on cyber-bullying by Charles Sturt University theatre media students, presentations by Greater Western Area Health Service staff, a performance by the Wagambirra Aboriginal Dance Group and stalls and displays in the school grounds by community agencies.

However the highlight of the event was a performance by the hip-hop and pop music band Justice Crew.

 "Justice Crew performed for an hour - a complete surprise to students and staff," Mr Lloyd said.

The band, which won the 2010 Australia's Got Talent competition, also spoke in support of the anti-bullying policy and endorsed its strategies.

"This was met with huge acclaim and celebration, ensuring the core message of the new policy was backed up and supported," Mr Lloyd said.

The anti-bullying policy follows on from the school's student recognition and behaviour management policies.

Mr Lloyd said all three policies had been developed to ensure Canowindra students matured into resilient and tolerant young people with a social conscience.

The anti-bullying plan had several new features, including the introduction of student mentors.

"The student mentors are trusted members of the student body whom other students aspire to emulate and are likely to ask for advice, help and assistance," Mr Lloyd said.

"The core element of the policy is BOB or Back Off Bully. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated at Canowindra High School.

He said the school, west of Bathurst, supported the right of every student to be respected and encouraged to pursue their dreams in a tolerant environment.


Student comments

The anti-bullying policy launch was a great success and gave the school a more close-knit feel. I think the amount of bullying at Canowindra High will decrease as a result. Harry - Year 11 student

I learnt so many things from the anti-bullying presentation launch. I now realise I am not the only one who has been bullied before (not physically - just mentally such as sly word, rumour or peers turning against me) and that there are many ways to escape the problem. I can now see it from the bully's point of view, perhaps they may have had low self-esteem and not felt good about themselves - but this does not give them a reason to bully others! Britney - Year 8 student

I learned from the BOB (Back off Bully) launch that bullying can affect someone mentally and physically including lowering their self-esteem. The victim of bullying might not have known what to do before and that is why the launch was a good thing providing support and justice, quickly and effectively. Bullying is an issue that needs to be taken seriously and not ignored. Dan - Year 8 student.

Photo supplied by Canowindra High School.


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