Boost to agricultural education

Agricultural education in South Western Sydney is set to be boosted by the investment of more than $165 million in new and upgraded schools and extra classrooms.

The contemporary focus on agricultural studies will be led by a new Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Hawkesbury in partnership with Western Sydney University.  In announcing the project Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the high school would be a world-leader in high-tech agricultural sciences and STEM.

Mr Piccoli said that with access to 1400 hectares of agricultural land, students will be able to apply modern day farming practices as well as having access to university professors and cutting-edge science and agricultural facilities. The school will be fully selective with up to 1500 students and enrolments are expected to start from 2020.

Included in the project is the creation of an education precinct at Glenfield in the upgrade of the existing high school and more than 1000 selective places in South Western Sydney.

More project information

Media release: Boosting agricultural education and schools in Western Sydney


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