Blowing our own trumpet

Student musicians in concert.

It's official - NSW public school bands are the best in Australia.

A whirlwind tour by the NSW Public Schools Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE) and the NSW Public Schools Symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO) to Canberra and Albury culminated in Melbourne where they competed in the 2012 Yamaha National Band Championships at Easter.

Both bands came first in their categories.

Excited mother of students in both bands, Sally Reichardt said her children loved the band experience.

"As parents we are in awe of the musical experience they are privileged to be part of and the level of musicianship takes our breath away," Ms Reichardt said. 

"We sat in the audience on the Sunday evening and listened to each band play and thought 'wow they will have to do better than the band before' and the level kept rising."

Conducting coordinator with the Arts Unit, Steve Williams, paid tribute to the students.

"Whilst winning was wonderful, the way you performed was the most memorable and rewarding thing for me to witness," he told the band members.

Mr Williams said what set them apart from all the other groups was their amazing musicianship, commitment and passion in their music making.

"The minute the baton came down you all played like your lives depended on it," he told the band.

"You moved so elegantly to the shapes of the music, you took risks, you played with joy and energy and real heart and soul."

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Photo by Anna Warr


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