Back to school hotline open

28 January 2011

Parents and caregivers can get information and advice about how best to prepare for the new school year through the back to school hotline.

The hotline – 1300 738 338 – will be staffed between 8.30am and 4.30pm on weekdays and will operate until Wednesday, 16 February.

Back to school information is also available on the education department's NSW Public Schools website, including:

  • tips for parents and students on starting pre-school, primary school and making the transition to high school
  • answers to frequently asked questions about uniforms, school fees and homework
  • school term and holiday dates.

Time to Start Schoola family guide for preparing for Kindergarten – is also available on the website.

The booklet covers everything from what to pack for lunch to helping your child prepare for their first day in the classroom.

Parents concerned about their child's transition to high school can watch videos featuring helpful tips, or use the school checklist to make sure they're organised.

More than 740,000 students start back at 2,231 NSW public schools from Monday, 31 January.

Education minister Verity Firth encouraged parents and caregivers to take advantage of the hotline and website resources.

"This can be an anxious time, particularly for those parents who are sending their children to school for the first time, or who have children starting high school," Ms Firth said.


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