The work of some of NSW's best young artists is set to gain a wide audience with the launch of the popular ARTEXPRESS exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

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Launching ARTEXPRESS at the gallery, the Minister for Education, Minister Adrian Piccoli, said the exhibition was a tribute to the high quality of visual arts teaching in NSW schools.

"The exhibition will showcase an outstanding collection of work representing a broad range of subject matter, approaches, styles and media," Mr Piccoli said.

The gallery's acting director Anne Flanagan said there is an energy in the works that "touches the public and connects them with what students are doing today and their particular areas of interest".

"It's an interesting reflection about where youth are at right now and they're into making things with the hand - the hand, the heart and the mind," Ms Flanagan said.

In 2011, 9,775 students submitted their work as part of their Higher School Certificate. And over the next 11 months, 267 of these works will be exhibited across NSW in 10 exhibitions.

Jordan Munns, from Model Farms High School, said his photomedia work Long After I am Gone "looks at how we are obsessed with achieving, striving to leave something behind when we die."

"I looked at all the celebrities ... who have died over the last year and I looked at the public reaction," Jordan said. "Everyone was mourning over their talent rather than who they were."

Crestwood High School student Grace Moylan said her sculpture Narcolepsy expressed the emotional turmoil she experienced from dreaming to waking.

Suffering from the sleep disorder narcolepsy, Grace said her sculpture, which took her a year to create, was deeply personal.

"Every time you look at it [the sculpture] you find something new," Grace said.

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ARTEXPRESS is a joint venture between the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Board of Studies.

It is supported by major sponsor, Australia Post, associate sponsor, S & S Wholesale, supporting sponsors, University of Western Sydney and Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund and media partners, The Sydney Morning Herald and TVS Television Sydney.

The official ARTEXPRESS carrier is Grace Fine Art. Camera supplied by Foto Reisel.


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