Advocate for children and young people appointed

4 December 2014

Andrew Johnson, Acting Secretary General of the ChildFund Alliance, has been appointed as the first Advocate for Children and Young People in NSW, an independent statutory office that replaces the Commission for Children and Young People.

Starting in January next year, Mr Johnson, whose appointment was announced by the NSW Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Victor Dominello, will represent the interests of children and young people under the age of 25 by giving them a strong voice on government decisions that impact on their lives.

Mr Johnson is highly regarded internationally and has held senior positions in various organisations, including Save the Children, Plan International and ChildFund Alliance as well as the Australian Council of Social Services.

"Throughout my career I have helped to give a voice to those unable to defend their rights, especially children. To be the Advocate for Children and Young People in NSW is an honour and I look forward to starting in this important role," Mr Johnson said.

The establishment of the Advocate for Children and Young People was a recommendation of the 'Strengthening advocacy for children and young people in NSW' report which encapsulated the views of over 900 children and young people and more than 40 organisations.


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