ACEL National Award

Two NSW public school educators have been recognised for their exceptional contribution to education with a 2017 ACEL National Award.

Shaelee Dunbar from Plumpton High School received the The Keith Tronc Award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership, which recognises teachers who demonstrate outstanding practice in the classroom and make a difference to colleagues and the lives of their students.

Joanne Jarvis, College Principal of George's River College, was awarded with an ACEL National Fellowships. The fellowship is a special category of membership awarded annually to members who have made an outstanding contribution over a period of time to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

Congratulations to these inspiring educators on this outstanding achievement and their ongoing commitment to public education in NSW.

The national awards are open to educators from across all sectors of education and were presented at ACEL's national conference in Sydney on October 5.

For more information visit the ACEL website.


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