Aboriginal affairs taskforce calls for input

A NSW Government taskforce is seeking community input into the development of a new Aboriginal affairs strategy for the state.

The focus of the strategy – being developed by the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs - is on improving service delivery and educational and employment outcomes.

A series of public meetings has been held in a number of different locations across NSW. The taskforce is also seeking submissions from community members and interested organisations to help them develop the new Aboriginal affairs strategy. 

To help this process a series of community discussion papers have been released which are focused on the taskforce's areas of investigation.

Submission dates

Different submission dates relate to the individual elements of the taskforce's work:

  • improving service delivery and accountability and improving employment outcomes - 5pm Wednesday 29 February 2012
  • improving educational outcomes - 5pm 30 March 2012

Find out more about how to have your say.


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