A new structure for Dubbo Secondary College

Educational opportunities for students at Dubbo Secondary College will be improved from 2012 following the announcement of changes to the structure and operation of the school.

Under the new arrangements, the college will be made up of three campuses:

  • two campuses for students in Years 7-10 (Delroy and South campus)
  • a senior secondary campus for students in Years 11 and 12.

The structure will align Dubbo Secondary College with other successful multi-campus colleges in NSW.

Kerri Leigh-Gordon, an experienced principal and school education director, will lead the college from the start of Term 3 this year during the six-month transition period.  

A permanent school education director will be appointed after an open recruitment process.

The three campuses will operate as one school, sharing resources and staff, with a focus on individualised student learning.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli said he was overwhelmed by the support for Dubbo Secondary College.

"I have met with students, staff, parents and community members to hear firsthand what secondary schooling arrangements would be best for Dubbo's young people," Mr Piccoli said.

"With this improved structure and with strong leadership I am confident that the Dubbo community will continue to work together to focus on building a strong culture of secondary education excellence and cooperation."


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