40 years of HSC visual arts

Renowned artist Jasper Knight has launched 'The Wilkins Collection - Celebrating 40 years of New South Wales Higher School Certificate Visual Arts'.

The catalogue brings together artworks which have been acquired over four decades for The William Wilkins Memorial Art Collection. On average, 12 artworks have been purchased each year from student artists whose works had been selected in that year's ARTEXPRESS (the annual showcase of outstanding artworks created for examination within the HSC Visual Arts course).

It is the first comprehensive documentation of the works from the Wilkins Collection, and provides insight into the concerns and interests of youth over 40 years.

In launching the collection, Mr Knight commented said this was only the second time since he painted his 'The Trees of Windy Hill' in 1996, at the age of 17, that he has seen the work. His only previous re-visit of the painting was when it was purchased for display in the then-NSW Premier Bob Carr's offices. He also said that he has not used the colour green in his work since.

Artist, teacher and HSC senior marker Fiona Ackerman also spoke at the launch, outlining her career path since her 1983 HSC artwork 'Teapots' went on display for ARTEXPRESS. The former Hornsby Girls High School student is a teacher at Pennant Hills High School and has taught art for 27 years.

Artist Jasper Knight speaks at the launch

Artist Jasper Knight launches a celebration of four decades for The William Wilkins Memorial Art Collection.



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