$4.4m facilities opened at Bates Drive School

14 August 2014

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Member for Cronulla Mark Speakman today officially opened new facilities at Bates Drive School worth $4.4 million.

Mr Piccoli said the project has provided modern learning facilities for a school with growing enrolments, which have increased by more than 15 per cent since 2008.

"This project was completed using residual Building the Education Revolution Program funding," Mr Piccoli said.

"Bates Drive School is one of 19 Schools for Specific Purposes upgraded by the NSW Government using $94 million of residual Building the Education Revolution (BER) funding.

"These schools cater for students with some of the most complex learning needs. I am proud that the NSW Government has improved facilities at these schools, which are vitally important to our communities.

"The project at Bates Drive replaced all demountable buildings with permanent facilities."

Work undertaken at Bates Drive School included:

  • replacing demountable classrooms to provide five new classrooms;
  • building a new administration block;
  • converting the existing administration facility to provide a classroom and special programs room;
  • building a new Covered Outdoor Learning Area; and
  • building covered linkways from the Bates Drive entry to all blocks.

"I am pleased that we were also able to install solar heating for the hydrotherapy pool as part of this project," Mr Piccoli said.

Mr Speakman said the Bates Drive School caters for students with moderate and severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

"The new facilities were designed in consultation with many professionals including the educational community," Mr Speakman said.

"These facilities have been designed to allow the dedicated, committed teachers at Bates Drive School to deliver the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for their students."


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