2012 Premier’s Spelling Bee finals

The words "bureaucratic" and "acquiesce" clinched the Premier's Spelling Bee finals for two NSW public school students in Sydney yesterday.

William Stamp from Avalon Public School and Stuart Rich from St Ives North Public School won this year's junior and senior competitions.

The two students came first in their categories out of the 123,306 students who took part in the event in 2012.

Link to Flash presentation: http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/news/sbs/downloads/yr2012/spelling-bee-2012/soundslider.swf

Slideshow: Senior placegetters Stuart, Niamh and Anthony talk about their experience.

The state final comprised 84 students from across NSW. The top three placed students in each final were:

Junior division (Years 3 and 4)

First: William Stamp – Avalon Public School

Second: Kieran Pierabhahar – Murray Farm Public School

Third: Sabina Patawaran – Meadowbank Public School

Senior division (Years 5 and 6)

First: Stuart Rich – St Ives North Public School

Second: Niamh Brazil – Wilkins Public School

Third: Anthony Watt-Smith – Connells Point Public School

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the Premier's Spelling Bee had become a tremendous success since its inception in 2004 when just 800 students took part.

 "It's a NSW Government initiative to help students concentrate on their spelling through a fun and competitive format," Mr Piccoli said.


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