Walk safely to school day app launched

Wednesday 22 May 2013

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Minister for Sport and Recreation Graham Annesley today launched the ‘National Walk Safely to School Day' app.

"Walk Safely to School Day is now in its fourteenth year of encouraging children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by simply including a walk at the beginning and end of each day," Mr Piccoli said.

"NSW schools do an outstanding job encouraging a healthy lifestyle through the Board of Studies- developed Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus.

"Our schools, parents and communities are also heavily involved in the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge, which focuses on the importance of daily physical activity.

"As part of the Premier's Sporting Challenge students are encouraged to find at least 30 minutes in which to be physically active, every day, for 10 weeks.

"These two initiatives combine to deliver an important message about safety and wellbeing, with Walk Safely to School Day also encouraging a healthy diet and general road safety," Mr Piccoli added.

Mr Annesley said the NSW Government is very happy to have assisted in funding the development of the app and to support the Pedestrian Council of Australia's highly-successful ‘Walk Safely to School Day'.

"This app is suited for Apple and Android phones and allows children and adults to monitor the distance they walk to and from school, time spent walking and average walking speed," Mr Annesley said.

Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, said the Council was grateful for the continuing support of the NSW Government.

"The great news this year is that the interactive app will allow children and schools to promote walking every day of the year.

"Reaping the great benefits of walking is all about sustainability," Mr Scruby said.

The Walk Safely to School Day app can be found at www.walk.com.au


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