Walk safely to school day

24 May 2013

NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has thrown his support behind Walk Safely to School Day and the health benefits of walking to school all year round.

Since 2001, NSW school children and their parents and carers have ‘made tracks' by participating in the national Walk Safely to School Day.

"Walk Safely to School Day teaches children how to be safe pedestrians, as well as promoting physical activity," Mr Piccoli said.

"Our schools deliver comprehensive road safety education programs as part of their Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus and Walk Safely to School Day is a great opportunity to put that learning into practice.

"Even students who would normally travel to school by public transport or in a parent's car can get some valuable exercise – today and every day – by hopping off a block or two earlier."

Ninety one per cent of NSW schools participated in Walk Safely to School Day in 2012, with 49% of schools and 56% of parents whose children did not normally walk to school saying that the initiative positively influenced their children to walk to school in the future.

Walk Safely to School Day even includes a healthy breakfast component in its objectives. Forty per cent of schools which participated in 2012 also hosted a healthy breakfast on the day.

Walk Safely to School Day has also released a new app which will help to motivate students to stay fit and healthy all year long. It will measure the distances they walk, their average speeds, provide maps, and even allow schools to post scoreboards of their students' walking.


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