Villawood North showcases Gonski benefits

28 May 2015

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today highlighted the positive impact of the $5 billion in additional Gonski funding to NSW as the benefits flow to students and teachers who need them most.

Mr Piccoli visited Villawood North Public School and praised its use of additional funding to significantly improve educational opportunities.
"The school is building teacher capacity and improving student engagement, leading to student growth in NAPLAN above the State average," Mr Piccoli said.

"While developing the funding model, David Gonski spent time at Villawood North Public School and I'm back here today to highlight its benefits.

"The NSW Government remains committed to funding its share of the six year Gonski agreement and continues to advocate for the Federal Government to honour the agreement in full."

In 2015 Villawood North is receiving $536,000 in flexible funding, made possible by the NSW Government signing up to Gonski. That figure has more than doubled since 2014.

Needs-based funding has also enabled Villawood North Public School to:

  •  strengthen targeted literacy and numeracy programs
  •  extend teacher professional learning for numeracy
  •  decrease class sizes
  •  expand early intervention programs

Last year, the school also benefitted from an Instructional Leader and additional teacher under the Government's Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan.

"The school is already seeing excellent growth of students across reading, writing, comprehension and early numeracy," Mr Piccoli said.


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