Teachers' strike

27 June 2012

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has again expressed disappointment at the NSW Teachers Federation's defiance of the Industrial Relations Commission's order that the union refrain from taking industrial action.
"The Government guarantees that we will always put students first.  Our reforms place students at the heart of all decision making in education," Mr Piccoli said.
"The Teachers Federation opposes these reforms because they threaten the union's power.  If the union truly had students' best interests at heart they would not be on strike today.
"I want to thank all the teachers who are in classrooms today, teaching.
"It is important that people understand that the union knows its claims about the Government's reforms are completely untrue but they continue their scare campaign anyway.
"We are not reducing school budgets and we are not reducing the education budget.
"In fact the State Budget delivered record state funding for education.
"We are going to reduce bureaucratic red tape and the administrative burdens on our principals and teachers.  We want principals to remain the educational leaders in our schools.
"We are not sacking teachers or reducing the number of teachers in our schools.
"We are not cutting teachers' pay.
"We are not increasing class sizes.
"We are maintaining and improving the incentive transfer scheme to ensure we can attract high quality teachers to schools which are harder to staff.
"We are also maintaining nominated transfers, while at the same time ensuring principals have more say in staffing their schools to meet the needs of students.
"The reforms will not affect teacher tenure nor will teachers be placed on individual contracts."
Further information is available at Local Schools, Local Decisions.


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