TAFE NSW meets demand for learning on the go (NSW)

TAFE NSW is making it easier for people to learn anywhere, anytime, launching a range of fully online courses available on mobile devices, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced today. 

TAFE NSW Online will offer courses in fields such as building and construction, accounting and underground coal mining — accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer. 

"This will allow people to choose when and where they study," Mr Piccoli said. 

"TAFE NSW is changing and I am very pleased to see it becoming far more responsive and providing more of the digital options students want. 

"Student enrolments in online courses at TAFE NSW have increased by more than 50 per cent since 2010. TAFE NSW Online takes digital learning a step further, allowing fully mobile delivery and greater flexibility for students." 

TAFE NSW Online allows students to start, pause and continue their learning and access online support services. The easy-to-use interface incorporates access to all the readings, course notes, videos and support material for each level. 

"The courses have been developed by expert teachers, ensuring the high standards people have come to expect from TAFE NSW are guaranteed," Mr Piccoli said. 

"They will help prepare students for jobs in industries set for employment growth such as the finance sector, construction and scientific and technical services. 

"We are building the state's skill base and helping people to not only get their first job, but also to upskill and reskill." 

Managing Director of TAFE NSW Pam Christie said the development of TAFE NSW Online was proof TAFE NSW was responding to industry and customer needs. 

"We're listening to how students want to learn and what businesses need," Ms Christie said. 

"With TAFE NSW Online you can get the skills you need for the job you want and manage your study program to suit." 

Visit TAFE NSW Online at www.tafenswonline.edu.au 


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