Students kicking goals with Clontarf (NSW)

8 October 2014  

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today commended the dedication of the Clontarf Foundation to raising the life outcomes of young Aboriginal men by strengthening their commitment to education.

Mr Piccoli spoke with Year 9 and 10 students engaged with one of the State's newest Clontarf Academies at Dubbo College Delroy Campus.

"Clontarf Academy and Delroy Campus have become truly effective partners in improving life opportunities for these young Aboriginal men," Mr Piccoli said.

"After just one term 67 students have signed on to Clontarf at Delroy with a further 54 in the program at the Dubbo South Campus.

"The Clontarf Academy at each campus is encouraging them to put the same passion that they show for rugby league into school.

"The encouraging results at other Clontarf Academies including at Coonamble High, Brewarrina Central and Bourke High seem to be having the same positive impact here at Dubbo.

"Clontarf is not a sporting program but a wide-ranging initiative, always working in partnership with a school, which focuses on encouraging behavioural change, developing positive attitudes and assisting students to complete school and secure employment."

Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said the Clontarf Academy has been operating for only one term in Dubbo but it is anticipated 30-40 Year 10 students will continue to HSC studies at the Senior Campus next year.

"This would be a very positive response to the challenge of retaining more Aboriginal students and would complement the outstanding work that Dubbo College is doing," Mr Grant said.

"The local academy will expand to support young Aboriginal men at the Senior Campus until they complete their HSC and move on to further education or employment."

Academies are running at nine NSW schools, including at Armidale, Inverell, Moree, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.


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