Student's HSC results go live

16 December 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has wished almost 70,000 NSW students the very best as they receive their HSC results.

Students across the State will have access to their HSC results online or via SMS from 6.00am today.

"Today is an exciting and nerve-wracking day for HSC students who have many opportunities ahead of them," Mr Piccoli said.

"I wish them all the very best for their next step, whether it's a gap year, employment, university or TAFE.

"The HSC is internationally recognised and provides students with the academic foundation for success after school."

For many students, their HSC results lead straight into further study based on their ATAR ranking, which is released tomorrow.

"To those students who have met or exceeded their own expectations, congratulations," Mr Piccoli said.

"But if your results aren't what you were hoping for there are plenty of alternative pathways. The HSC is not the be all and end all and there are plenty of options to pursue your chosen career."

Eligible students can download their HSC certificate and other credentials from 30 December. The official HSC certificates are due to arrive by post from 20 January.

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards HSC Inquiry Centre 1300 138 323 will be open from 8.00am today for students with questions about their results.


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