Statement from the Minister for Education: Sydney schools

18 November 2013

In the last financial year the NSW Government has replaced over 100 demountable classrooms in schools across the State. By comparison, only 175 demountable classrooms were replaced over 10 years under the former Labor Government's program.

13 of the 15 new or relocated public schools funded since our election in March 2011 are in the Sydney area. In just over two and a half years, the NSW Government has spent more than $200 million on capital works in Sydney schools and over the next three years, the NSW Government expects to complete or open the following projects in the Sydney area:

  • George Bass School for Specific Purposes
  • Oran Park Public School
  • A primary school at Canada Bay
  • The Ponds Public School
  • The Ponds High School
  • The Ponds School for Specific Purposes
  • A primary school at Wentworth Point
  • Marie Bashir Public School at Strathfield
  • A comprehensive coeducational secondary school at Crows Nest
  • A primary school on the Lower North Shore
  • A significant expansion of Mowbray Public School
  • A primary school at Spring Farm
  • Cairnsfoot School for Specific Purposes
  • Wangee Park School for Specific Purposes
  • A significant expansion of Narellan Public School

Since March 2011, the NSW Government has committed $2.4 billion to school infrastructure and maintenance. In 2013/14, $320 million will be spent on school maintenance, which is 23% higher than the former Labor Government's last budget. This year's budget included an additional $100 million over four years for school capital works. Since our election in March 2011, 15 new or relocated public schools have been funded and 30 schools have received major upgrades

The NSW Government is also spending $94 million upgrading Schools for Specific Purposes across the state, using residual Building the Education Revolution (BER) funding. These schools cater for students with complex learning needs. Sydney schools that are receiving upgrades include Kurrambee School at Werrington, Holroyd School at Merrylands and William Rose School at Seven Hills.

In addition, the NSW Government's new school funding model will provide $131 million for Sydney schools in 2014 on two equity funding loadings, which is an increase of $31 million compared to this year.

In just two and a half years, the NSW Government has delivered great results for schools both in Sydney and across the State.


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