Statement from the Minister for Education: local school authority

Since coming to office in 2011 the NSW Government has introduced major reforms which increase local school authority in public schools.

The Local Schools, Local Decisions reforms were introduced after wide consultation with principals, teachers and school communities.

Schools in NSW are already seeing the benefits of our reforms which quite rightly shift decision-making and responsibility to those best placed to know the needs of students – our principals and their local school community.

Under the new funding model for NSW Public Schools, principals will have control of up to 70 per cent of the school education budget.

We have changed the NSW staffing system to significantly increase the opportunities for principals to choose the teachers they want in their schools.

Many NSW public schools already operate a School Council which can be a useful way of building links between school leaders and the community.

We think we have the balance right in NSW between local authority for schools and maintaining the benefits of collaboration, shared information and efficient use of resources that comes from being part of one of the world's largest school systems.

While we strongly support devolving authority to local schools we have no plans to move further towards wholesale autonomy.

We look forward to ongoing discussions with the Federal Government to ensure that efforts to promote greater school-based decision-making are compatible with policies in NSW that meet the needs of schools and students within a system of public education.


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