Statement from the Minister for Education: Gonski

28 May 2013

The Gonski agreement which the NSW Government signed with the Commonwealth on 23 April 2013 will result in an additional $5 billion education funding for NSW over the next six years to 2019.

As part of the agreement the NSW non-government sector will be $1.3 billion better off over six years.

This is a great deal for all schools in NSW because both government and non- government sectors will receive more funding from 2014 onwards than they would have under the current funding arrangements.

In recent months the NSW Government has listened carefully to the ongoing concerns of the non-government sector in relation to the details of agreement.

Given this the NSW Government urges the Commonwealth to provide as a matter of priority the school by school Student Resource Standard for all NSW Catholic and Independent Schools.

This information will assist the Catholic Education Commission of NSW and our Independent Schools to prepare for the 2014 school year.


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