Starting school smoother than ever

10 September 2014

The move to big school should be smoother for next year's Kindergarten thanks to a NSW Government initiative designed to ensure teachers are provided with important information about their new students.

The first-ever NSW Transition to School Statement provides a consistent picture of a child which should help them to better settle into the new world of school, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said today.

"The Statement provides early childhood educators with a consistent way to give important information to a child's new school — regardless which school the child will attend," Mr Piccoli said.

"It also gives parents the opportunity to provide their unique perspective on the child's early learning and development. Children, too, have the chance to provide their own input."

Early childhood educators, families and children will be able to contribute to the Statement, which includes:

  • a summary of the child's strengths, their approach to learning and interests;
  • an outline of the strategies that have supported the child's learning to date; and
  • advice to support Kindergarten teachers in getting to know the children.

Mr Piccoli said the new voluntary Statement, which is now available, will give a formal structure to the collection and presentation of this kind of information, supplementing local transition-to-school programs.

Many schools already offer transition-to-school programs — and Kindergarten teachers have an opportunity to identify a child's strengths on orientation days — but the type and depth of information obtained can vary between locations.

"The research is very clear about the contribution early childhood education makes to children as they begin their educational journey," Mr Piccoli said.

"Nearly 100,000 children start school in NSW each year and most have already been in child care or preschool. It makes sense to capture a consistent report of how they have developed in their early years and ensure this information is passed on when they make the move to school.

"The new Statement will give parents greater confidence and help schools to ensure Kindergarten is the best possible experience for each new student."


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