Smart and Skilled - reform to deliver quality training

22 February 2013

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has announced the next stage of implementing the Smart and Skilled reforms for the NSW vocational education and training sector, with the release of the draft Quality Framework.

"The NSW Government is committed to improving the standard of vocational education and training across the State," Mr Piccoli said.

"The provision of quality training is vital to the success of Smart and Skilled. With some 450,000 students undertaking government-funded training each year, we want to ensure that they get the skills that they, and the State, need.

"We must ensure that we work only with the highest quality training providers so that students and employers can be confident they will receive quality training services.

"Providers wishing to access government training funds will need to demonstrate a record of quality training and there will be more opportunity for students and employers to give feedback on their training experience. These are powerful mechanisms that will deliver better outcomes for students and employers in NSW..

"The draft Smart and Skilled Quality Framework builds on the national standards for vocational education and training and it provides incentives for training providers to improve their performance.

"We will now consult businesses, students and training organisations on how our Quality Framework can ensure quality training and increase consumer confidence in our system."

Consultations with training providers, industry, community organisations and students will take place from 26 February to 22 March 2013.

The draft Smart and Skilled Quality Framework can be downloaded from the State Training Services website or, from 25 February, from the NSW Government's Have Your Say website.


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