Skills list and quality framework to strengthen training in NSW

10 December 2013

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced the NSW Skills List and the NSW Quality Framework for vocational education and training, as part of the Government's Smart and Skilled reforms.

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Skills List defines the qualifications, recommended by the independent NSW Skills Board, that are eligible for NSW Government funding in 2014.

"The Skills List was developed after extensive labour market research and consultation with industry, government and community groups across the State," Mr Piccoli said.

"More than 450 people took part in some 30 consultations with 58 industry roundtables. Over 600 submissions were received.

"The Skills List includes qualifications that 95 per cent of government-funded students have chosen to study in the last four years. This means that 100 per cent of government funds will go to 95 per cent of the courses that students want to study.

"NSW has a broad, diverse, knowledge-based economy, and these qualifications give people the skills for good job prospects, career paths and higher learning opportunities."

The NSW Skills Board will review the Skills List in 2014, and then annually, to ensure the changing training needs of business are met. New qualifications may be added as required.

In the lead up to introduction of the Smart and Skilled student entitlement on 1 January 2015, the Skills List will help students decide what courses to study in 2014 and beyond.

In 2014, State Training Services will purchase qualifications on the Skills List through the training market, with approved providers' 2013 contracts extended until December 2014. TAFE NSW will take steps to align its provision with the Skills List during 2014, and providers can use the list to plan for courses for 2015.

"Simultaneously releasing the Smart and Skilled Quality Framework is an important student support and safeguard for qualifications funded by government, because it sets stricter criteria for providers wanting to deliver government-subsidised training," Mr Piccoli said.

"Under the Framework, the NSW Government will work closely with the Federal Government training regulator to maintain course quality, give students better information about their studies and provide a clear complaint process."

Find out more on the State Training Services website.


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