Sharing success key to improving results

15 November 2015 -

Teachers and school communities striving for better student results can now see how some of NSW's most improved schools have achieved success.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli is encouraging schools to look at a new report that details six practices used in public schools that have recently shown outstanding growth in student outcomes.

"School principals and teachers can use this new information about what is working in other NSW schools and consider using the same techniques," Mr Piccoli said.

"One of the great strengths of NSW public education is its ability to share best practice quickly and effectively across schools.

"By signing up to the Gonski agreement and empowering schools to make more local decisions, the NSW Government has given schools the flexibility to implement a range of measures to improve outcomes for students."

The report by the Department of Education's Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) examined the practices and characteristics of 36 schools that made strong contributions to students' NAPLAN growth from 2010 to 2014.

The research found that the schools shared a common focus on six key practices:

  • Setting high expectations for academic results and student behaviour;
  • Setting explicit learning goals, differentiating teaching to meet the needs of individual students and monitoring progress;
  • Making learning relevant to students through interesting and challenging work and positive classroom environments;
  • Effective collaboration among staff;
  • Sharing sustainable and relevant professional learning among teachers; and
  • Setting whole school goals and ensuring staff had the necessary support to achieve targets.

The value added measure used in the CESE report was developed to identify the contribution a school makes to student learning, relative to the contribution made by the average school.


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