Schools to communicate better about students

The needs of students moving between schools and into different education sectors will be better served by a clear protocol to guarantee relevant student information is shared by schools, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced today.

"I believe it is important that schools communicate if a student is moving on to a new school and that information is passed on with them," Mr Piccoli said.

"While this generally happens I am pleased that this protocol between the public, Catholic and independent school sectors clearly states when this must happen."

Mr Piccoli said the protocol between the three education sectors will be a guide supporting principals to better serve the safety, health, welfare and wellbeing of all their students and families.

"It will equip them to avoid compromising student and staff safety and wellbeing while offering the incoming student a better chance of a more successful transition into the new school," Mr Piccoli said.

"Information may be forwarded or requested, better preparing schools which may be presented with a student who has been expelled, had their enrolment terminated or asked to leave another school.

"Improved access to details about a student may also assist in developing better learning and support for their educational needs.

"It could also offer advice about past support that has been helpful for a student."

Mr Piccoli said the information sharing between principals and schools continues to be protected by safeguards.

"The guidelines in the protocol more clearly establish what information is covered by laws that balance privacy protection with health, safety, welfare and wellbeing issues for students and staff," Mr Piccoli said.


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