School retention rates increasing in Western Sydney

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has welcomed new figures that show school retention rates in Western Sydney have increased since 2008. 

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Government is working to increase the number of students who complete Year 12 across the State – including in Western Sydney. 

"I am also pleased that the gap in retention rates between Northern Sydney and Western Sydney has narrowed since 2008 from 17.1 percentage points to 14.8 percentage points in 2013," Mr Piccoli said. 

"In fact, Western Sydney has a higher retention rate than the State average. 

"Many students do leave school early for a valid reason – they are ready to continue their learning through an apprenticeship or traineeship they know will set them up for life. Others may have already found employment. 

"I am advised this is true for the vast majority of students who leave before the end of Year 12 in Western Sydney. 

"Since 2011 the Western Sydney and South Western Sydney TAFE Institutes have also partnered with schools across the region to provide targeted training to more than 1,400 young people who are at risk of disengaging from secondary education, assisting them to remain at school or to take up an apprenticeship or similar program." 

Mr Piccoli said other education achievements in Western and South Western Sydney since March 2011 include: 

  • Hiring 456 teachers in Western and South Western Sydney 
  • $116.5 million for Western Sydney schools under the new needs-based funding model - an increase of $26 million compared to 2013 
  • Seven new or relocated schools at a projected cost of $117 million 
  • Six major upgrades to schools at a projected cost of $45.5 million 
  • An additional 223 permanent classrooms 
  • $455 million committed to school capital works and maintenance 
  • $54.7 million committed to six major TAFE upgrades 
  • Increased mentoring support for beginning teachers 
  • Appointment of Student Support Officers to assist students 

"In three years the NSW Government has delivered great results for schools both in Western Sydney and across the State. We recognise the growth occurring in Sydney's west and we are delivering the infrastructure and services to accommodate this growth," Mr Piccoli said.


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