Quality teaching in action at Panania Public School

Teachers are taking advantage of a major NSW Government investment enabling more than 1,000 public primary school teachers to mentor and coach other teachers, improving the results of students.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Member for East Hills Glenn Brookes today met with students and staff at Panania Public School who are benefiting from the $224 million Quality Teaching, Successful Students package.

"The new funding is providing additional staffing so that selected experienced teachers can take up these important leadership roles," Mr Piccoli said.

"In the best school systems in the world, the top teachers pass on their expertise to their colleagues to help lift teaching standards in every classroom in that school.

"I'm proud this program is now being rolled out across the State as we work towards the Premier's priority of improving student results."

The package is enabling selected teachers to:

  • Mentor and coach other teachers;
  • Observe teachers in their classrooms and demonstrate effective teaching strategies;
  • Monitor student performance data across the school to ensure teachers are focused on areas of need; and
  • Collaborate within their school and with colleagues in other schools.

"Student results are being placed front and centre in the NSW Government's education reforms," Mr Brookes said.

"Panania Public School is an excellent example of how these initiatives are having a positive impact on outcomes for students."


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