Quality teaching at Scone Public School

1 September 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Member for Upper Hunter Michael Johnsen today met Scone Public School students and teachers, who are benefitting from the $224 million Quality Teaching, Successful Students package.

This major NSW Liberals & Nationals Government election commitment, which will enable more than 1,000 of the best teachers to mentor and coach other teachers, is being introduced across the State.

"It's great to see Scone Public School and others using this initiative to improve the skills of teachers and, in turn, improve learning opportunities for students," Mr Piccoli said.

"The package enables us to make the most of the knowledge and skills of experienced teachers by ensuring that expertise is shared with their colleagues."

The package enables outstanding teachers to observe colleagues in the classroom and to demonstrate effective teaching strategies, monitor student performance to ensure teachers are focused on areas of need, and collaborate with colleagues within their school and in other schools.

Scone Public School is using its allocation to:

  • provide for an Assistant Principal to mentor beginning teachers;
  • allow for teachers working in small groups to observe lessons and provide feedback;
  • help teachers to use assessment data to identify students' needs and set achievement targets; and
  • allow teachers from neighbouring schools to develop a shared knowledge of the new English and science syllabuses, to ensure continuity from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Mr Johnsen said NSW Government reforms like Local Schools, Local Decisions and Quality Teaching, Successful Students put schools at the centre of educational decision-making.

"Principals are the people best placed to make decisions about their schools, including how to use this new staffing resource," Mr Johnsen said.

"Scone Public School is an excellent example of how initiatives made possible by the NSW Government are having a positive impact on outcomes for students."


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