Quality teaching at Lismore Public School

20 August 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Lismore MP Thomas George today met with students at Lismore Public School who are benefiting from the $224 million Quality Teaching, Successful Students package.

The major NSW Government investment, which will enable more than 1,000 of the best teachers to mentor and coach other teachers, is currently being rolled-out across the State.

"It's great to see schools like Lismore Public School using this resource to improve the skills of teachers and, in turn, improve learning opportunities for students," Mr Piccoli said.

The package enables selected teachers to:

  • observe colleagues in their classrooms and demonstrate effective teaching strategies;
  • monitor student performance data across the school to ensure teachers are focused on areas of need; and
  • collaborate with colleagues within their school and in other schools.

"Experienced teachers have knowledge and skills that are even more valuable when they are shared with their colleagues," Mr Piccoli said.

"At Lismore Public School, teachers are being given release time to work with experienced colleagues on data analysis to support personalised learning for all students and to observe the techniques used by skilled teachers in the classroom."

Mr George said the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government reforms such as Local Schools, Local Decisions and Quality Teaching, Successful Students placed schools at the centre of decision-making.

"Principals – who are best placed to make decisions about their schools – will determine how to use this new staffing resource," Mr George said.

"This school is a prime example of how initiatives made possible by the NSW Government are having a positive impact on educational outcomes for students."


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