Public education takes majority of 2013 HSC first-in-course places

17 December 2013

Students from public schools and TAFE NSW institutes won the lion's share of the 2013 HSC first-in-place awards present by the NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, today, Relieving Director-General of the Department of Education and Communities, Pam Christie said.

"Students who attended either a public school or a TAFE NSW Institute took first place or equal first place in 71 out of 124 course awards," Ms Christie said.

"I congratulate all the first-place public education awardees for their outstanding efforts, which were achieved from among more than 75,000 students involved with this year's HSC.

"NSW's HSC is regarded internationally as a first-class credential, so success at this level is highly commendable.

"These students' achievements are not only the result of hard work but exemplify the high quality teaching that is available throughout our public school and TAFE NSW systems.

"So I would like to acknowledge the commitment, skill and effort of the teachers linked to these results, because they share the achievements of their students.

"Each student's family and friends should also be commended for the support and encouragement they undoubtedly provided to help reach this educational peak."

Courses in which public education students came first or equal first covered different levels across a range of studies, including:

  • English
  • maths
  • biology
  • physics
  • business studies
  • dance
  • music
  • drama
  • software design
  • agriculture
  • tourism
  • information technology
  • 21 community languages
  • history
  • studies of religion

"This year, a financial services course was included in the HSC for the first time, and I am pleased to say that a student from TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute took first place in it," Ms Christie said.

"Finally, I would like to wish well to all 44,865 public school and TAFE NSW students involved with the 2013 HSC, when they have the opportunity to access their full results from tomorrow morning."

See the list of awardees.


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