Piccoli urges principals to deliver reforms, improve results

10 June 2015

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has thanked public school principals for supporting four years of reform, and is encouraging them to play a key role in driving further change.

Mr Piccoli has used an address to the NSW Secondary Principals' Council Annual Conference in Sydney to highlight the importance of embedding key reforms.

"Principals have been given the resources to improve teaching standards and teacher accountability, and the power to make more decisions for their school.

It's crucial that they use these tools to work towards our two most important goals – improved student outcomes and wellbeing," Mr Piccoli said.

"NSW is now considered a leader in educational reform and other States are looking to us to see these changes delivered."

Mr Piccoli highlighted key reforms made over the past four years, including:

  • more decision-making authority for principals through Local Schools, Local Decisions;
  • additional needs-based funding being delivered to schools, with NSW the first State to sign up to Gonski funding;
  • targeted support for regional students to reduce the gap in educational achievement between rural and urban schools through Connected Communities and the four-year $80 million Rural and Remote Education Blueprint.
  • individual funding for students with a disability; those from Aboriginal backgrounds and those developing English language proficiency;
  • enhanced focus on quality teaching through the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning initiative;
  • the introduction of standards-based pay for teachers, making NSW the first and only State to do so;
  • stronger support for student wellbeing, including the $167 million Supported Students initiative; and
  • greater school accountability through the School Excellence Framework, and clearer individual accountability through a new performance development framework.

"We have partnered with teachers and principals to lay the foundations for a seismic step up in education and with their support we will deliver," Mr Piccoli said.


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