NSW welcomes funding for community engagement

10 February 2015

All NSW public schools will be supported to engage more deeply with their communities under an agreement signed between the Federal and State Governments.

"Strengthening consultation with local communities to make a positive contribution to student learning is a key part of our Local Schools, Local Decisions reforms," Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said.

"NSW has reached agreement with the Commonwealth that funding to be provided under its Independent Public Schools initiative can be used to support all NSW public schools as they consult with their communities under the Local Schools, Local Decisions reforms.

"Our agreement with the Commonwealth will advance the community engagement aspects of increased local decision-making in all NSW government schools."

Mr Piccoli said that between 2015 and 2017 all public schools in NSW would receive funding under the agreement to assist them to engage with parents, the community and local businesses, when developing and implementing their school plan.

"Schools will receive an average of $9,500 to undertake community engagement activities that are appropriate to their context," Mr Piccoli said.

"This will support vital community partnerships which already exist in NSW public schools.

"All 2,219 public schools in NSW will benefit from this funding and will remain within the NSW Public Schools system; none of them will become ‘independent public schools'."

Mr Piccoli said he was pleased discussions between the NSW and Federal Governments had reached a positive outcome for NSW schools and parents.

"Additional funding will be extremely useful to foster partnerships between schools, parents and the local community to support decision making that reflects the best interests of students," Mr Piccoli said.

All public schools in NSW will be provided with funding under the agreement starting with over 1,200 schools in 2015.


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