NSW P&C Federation back on its feet

8 August 2014

The Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW is rapidly returning to being a vital representative body for parents of the 775,000 children in the State's public schools, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said today.

Nominations have opened for the election of councillors and delegates to the revived Federation — which Mr Piccoli said is an important milestone in its return to representing member associations.

"Unfortunately, the Federation had become dysfunctional in recent years. Two people were claiming to be president and I was left with no option but to introduce legislation into the NSW Parliament to disband it," Mr Piccoli said.

"In May I appointed Garry Payne as Administrator to take charge of restoring the Federation — both as a representative voice for parents and also as an important service provider to school-based P&C associations."

Mr Payne's first priority was to successfully re-establish operations for more than 1,800 school-based parents and citizens associations.

"I am delighted at the progress Mr Payne has made in reconstituting the organisation and I am confident that the Federation will be serving its members autonomously and effectively by the time the period of Administration ends in late 2014," Mr Piccoli said.

"I am also delighted that, despite any disruption at the Federation, school-based P&Cs have continued their fine efforts to support schools and students, raising extra funds and providing a valuable forum for community feedback.

"Strong, effective parental engagement is one of the essential building blocks of a successful education system so I am very pleased to see the restoration of the Federation, which has played an important role since it was established more than 90 years ago.

"Nominations for councillors and delegates for the reformed Federation are now open and I hope all eligible parents and carers who understand the value of a strong public education system give serious consideration to taking an active role.

"The first elections to the new Federation will be vital in establishing its new course."


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