Piccoli awards state’s top students

15 December 2015

The top HSC students from across New South Wales have been recognised by Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli at the 2015 Higher School Certificate First in Course Awards.

This year 116 students received First in Course Awards, including six students who topped two courses.

Mr Piccoli said securing first place in an HSC course was an outstanding achievement that students should be incredibly proud of.

"There are more than 70,000 HSC students across NSW this year and topping a course is an exceptional accomplishment," Mr Piccoli said.

"For some, the HSC is a stepping-stone to university or TAFE. Other students will take a gap year or enter the workforce straight away.

"It's important for students to remember that completing the HSC is an achievement in itself and there are a range of pathways into your preferred university course or career."

Students across the State will have access to their HSC results online or via SMS from 6.00am tomorrow.

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards HSC Inquiry Centre 1300 138 323 will be open from 8.00am tomorrow for students with questions about their results.

Eligible students can download their HSC certificate and other credentials from 30 December. The official HSC certificates are due to arrive by post from 20 January.


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