New teacher scholarships, cadetships and placements

2 October 2013

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced that applications have opened for the new cadetships, internships and rural scholarships for student teachers, announced as part of the NSW government's Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms.

Applications are now open for:

  • 20 Teach.Rural Scholarships – worth $6,000 for every year of full-time study, plus $5,000 after graduation, for talented students with a commitment to teach at rural and remote schools;
  • 10 Internship Placements – for high-achieving final-year teacher education students to be employed as paraprofessionals in schools prior to graduation and;
  • 10 Cadetship Placements – for high-achieving school leavers to be employed as part-time paraprofessionals in classrooms from the start of their teacher training.

Mr Piccoli said the new cadetships, internships and rural scholarships are designed to attract and retain the best and brightest new teachers.

"Teaching is the single-most important in-school influence on student performance. The new incentives for beginning teachers are designed to attract the best people into teaching degrees, and also support them once they enter the classroom," Mr Piccoli said.

"High-achieving final year school students, who intend to study teaching, are able to apply for the cadetship placements available in NSW government schools.

"In their first year the cadets will support teachers in non-classroom roles, but in their second and subsequent years, cadets will support teachers in all aspects of their role, including in the classroom.

"High-achieving final year teaching students are able to apply for internships in NSW government schools, where their role will be similar to that of the cadets' second and subsequent year duties.

"Applications for the Teach.Rural scholarships will be invited from high-performing school students about to enter their first year of university study, who want to teach in schools in rural and remote locations.

"Next year the twenty successful applicants will receive $6,000 per year of full time study, as well as $5,000 on successful completion of their course, and a guarantee of full-time employment with the Department in a rural and remote location," Mr Piccoli said.

Applications for all three programs close on Friday 15 November 2013. For information on how to apply, please visit:


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