New Principal Leadership Strategy complements Gonski reforms

17 November 2015 -

Public school principals will be better prepared and rewarded for the most important job in NSW schools under a $20 million investment announced by Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today.

As part of the new school leadership strategy, the NSW Government will boost the salaries of principals in more complex schools to recognise the unique challenges they face. Principals' salaries are currently determined by student enrolments and school type.

"We have changed the way we fund schools to recognise that students and schools need different levels of support, and now principals' salaries will reflect this too," Mr Piccoli said.

"Research tells us that we should be trying to attract the best principals to the schools with the greatest need and this new strategy will help us do just that.

"The largest salary increases – up to $26,000 – will go to principals leading schools serving students with the most significant educational support needs."

The new school leadership strategy:

  • Links principals' salaries to the size and complexity of their school;
  • Improves preparation and support for new principals;
  • Includes training for principals at all levels of experience; and
  • Enhances accountability to help principals improve school performance.

Aspiring principals will be required to achieve a new principal preparation credential to ensure they are well equipped to succeed in their new position.

"Every new principal will also benefit from coaching by an experienced colleague throughout their first year," Mr Piccoli said.

"In NSW we have listened to the profession and given principals greater local decision-making authority to improve learning outcomes for students.

"But with that comes responsibility. We are also strengthening the requirements for principals to show how they are improving the performance of their school and how they are delivering these all-important results."


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