New postgraduate centre for oldest art school

6 August 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has officially opened a new $8.7 million postgraduate centre at Australia's oldest art school.

Mr Piccoli said the facility, made possible by NSW Government funding, adds to the rich tradition of the National Art School.

"This fantastic postgraduate centre enhances the School's enviable pedigree of inspiring and nurturing some of Australia's great artists," Mr Piccoli said.

"These new facilities further consolidate the National Art School's position as a world leader in studio based teaching.

"I'm pleased to see what was once a derelict colonial prison becoming a place of creativity and learning."

The centre offers students expanded resources including:

  • 50 new studios;
  • exhibition spaces;
  • climate-controlled collections storage;
  • sculpture workshops; and
  • seminar rooms and office spaces.

Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant said the new centre also boasts an archive and collection centre thanks to a $200,000 donation from the Ian Potter Foundation.

"Greats like Sir William Dobell, Ken Done, Max Dupain, John Olsen, Margaret Olley, and Jeffery Smart inspired the School's rich tradition and I'm sure it will produce future generations of acclaimed artists," Mr Grant said.

"Generous philanthropy, like the donation from the Ian Potter Foundation, plays a significant role in supporting the arts that we all enjoy."


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