New appointments to NSW TAFE Commission Board

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced the appointment of six new members to the NSW TAFE Commission Board.

Mr Piccoli emphasised the role of the Board in meeting the Government's priorities set out in the Statement of Owner Expectations, and its readiness for reforms under Smart and Skilled, which aims to strengthen the connection between the skills requirements of the NSW economy and training opportunities for individuals.

The TAFE NSW Board Chair, Margy Osmond, welcomed both the new appointments for the extra experience and capability they bring to the Board, as well as those members who have been reappointed.

"TAFE NSW will be well served through the Board's work in ensuring TAFE maintains its critical role in meeting the Government's social and economic priorities," Ms Osmond said.

The Minister noted the importance of TAFE NSW having a strong Board membership to ensure TAFE maintains its focus on providing quality training.

"The Board has a vital role working closely with the Managing Director of TAFE NSW, Ms Pam Christie, in setting directions for the NSW TAFE Commission and its 10 Institutes across the State. The new members bring a range of skills and industry experience to the Board at a time of significant change in the NSW and national training markets," Mr Piccoli said.

"I look forward to working with the new NSW TAFE Commission Board to ensure TAFE maintains its strong position as the State's public VET provider."

The new members are:

  • Ms Carolyn Burlew, Director, Carolyn Burlew Consulting
  • Ms Dail McGilchrist, Executive Director Public Schools NSW
  • Mr Craig Pudig, Global Head of Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Macquarie Group
  • Ms Janine Stewart, Group Director, People and Culture, News Limited
  • Mr Christopher Tooher, Executive Director, Sydney Festival
  • Professor Andrew Vann, Vice Chancellor, Charles Sturt University.

The Minister also announced the reappointment of two current Board members:

  • Ms Melanie O'Connor, Managing Director, The Academy Network
  • Mr Doug Wright, Consultant, Australian Industry Group.

Other members of the TAFE Commission Board are:

  • Ms Margy Osmond, Chair, NSW TAFE Commission Board
  • Mr Warren Grimshaw, Deputy Chair, NSW TAFE Commission Board
  • Ms Pam Christie, Managing Director, NSW TAFE Commission
  • Mr Ron Woodham, Consultant.


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