Needs based funding for increased student support at Peakhurst

16 September 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has applauded Peakhurst Public School for its use of flexible needs-based funding to provide specialised support for students.

Government schools across NSW have received an additional $197 million in 2014 and 2015, funding made possible by the NSW Government signing up to the Gonski Agreement.

"Peakhurst Public School received more than $330,000 in flexible needs-based funding this year," Mr Piccoli said.

"This funding has been put to good use, with additional staffing provided to work with students with low to medium levels of disability in the classroom.

"Increased support is also being provided to students from language backgrounds other than English in classrooms."

Mr Piccoli visited Peakhurst Public School today with Member for Oatley Mark Coure to see these initiatives in action and meet staff and students.

"Peakhurst Public is a fantastic school providing a supportive, engaging and innovative learning environment for its students," Mr Coure said.

Funding is distributed to schools using an index that takes into account the education achievements and occupational status of parents.


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