Multi-million dollar upgrade for Hunter Sports High School

Hunter Sports High School will have its facilities completely overhauled by the NSW Government, with funding committed in next week's State Budget to begin the transformation. 

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Planning Pru Goward and the Member for Charlestown Andrew Cornwell announced this important commitment by the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government at the school today. 

"This is wonderful news for Hunter Sports High, which is clearly in need of a major upgrade. I am sure the entire school community – including parents, teachers and, most importantly, students – will be very happy to know this work will begin soon," Mr Piccoli said. 

"A design process to begin preparing options to upgrade all areas of the school, which has over 800 students, will be the first step towards what will effectively be a new school." 

Minister for Planning Pru Goward said the project will be an important part of the Hunter's share of the 2014-15 Budget. 

"The Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund is making a contribution of $5.3 million to this important upgrade, and demonstrates the NSW Government's commitment to sensible, long term investment in the Hunter Region," Ms Goward said. 

"It is very fitting that a school with the community standing of Hunter Sports High benefits from our commitment to provide the best possible learning opportunities for students." 

Dr Cornwell said the school is the region's sports showpiece for secondary students. 

"Since it was established as a sports high school in 1997 it has fostered the sporting talents and careers of many of its selectively chosen students," Dr Cornwell said. 

"Hunter Sports High School has been in a state of disrepair since it was badly damaged in the Newcastle Earthquake in 1989. Today's announcement proves our commitment to enhancing it as an outstanding learning environment for sports, academic and other study areas." 

The project at Hunter Sports High School will provide predominantly new buildings incorporating the latest energy efficiency, ecological sustainability and IT practices, with the design process including options for: 

  • new classrooms; 
  • visual arts and science labs; 
  • woodwork and metalwork; 
  • food technology; 
  • library, performance and canteen facilities; and 
  • training facilities and playing fields. 

Construction is expected to commence in September 2015, with an anticipated completion date in January 2017. 


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