Minister welcomes focus on teacher quality

19 February 2014

"I welcome the Australian Government's focus on further raising teacher quality," Mr Piccoli said.

"The data tells us that teacher quality is at the core of a successful education system.

"I initiated a review of teacher quality in NSW two years ago and made the issue a State priority. I congratulate Christopher Pyne for focusing attention on this important area and I am very pleased to see it being made a national priority.

"The Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL) reforms I introduced are designed to attract the best and brightest graduates to teach in NSW schools.

"From 2016, school leavers entering teaching degrees will need to have achieved a score of 80 or higher in three HSC subjects, including English. I am very encouraged that this week all NSW vice chancellors have agreed to endorse these tougher entry requirements.

"Teaching students will also need to pass a numeracy and literacy assessment before their final year practicum. From 2015, this will apply to all students in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching degrees."

The NSW Government is working with universities to improve the content and practical components of teacher training, as well as the quality of the practicum placement in schools.

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) is auditing the content of university courses in a number of priority areas, including the way in which universities address student behaviour management. BOSTES will next look at how well universities prepare teachers to teach literacy and to analyse student outcome data.

"I look forward to working with Christopher Pyne and sharing with the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group the progress already made in NSW."


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