Minister awards $15,000 apprentice scholarships

30 September 2014

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced the 101 recipients of the inaugural Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships.

Mr Piccoli said the scholarships are part of a $2.4 million program introduced by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government designed to assist apprentices who face significant challenges and barriers in completing their qualification.

"The program targets those students with disability, Aboriginal apprentices and women in non-traditional trades," Mr Piccoli said.

"I am pleased to see there is also strong representation of regionally based apprentices among the scholarship recipients.

"The 40 first year recipients will receive $5,000 each year, for three years. To get the scholarship program going, we have awarded scholarships to second year and third year apprentices, worth $5,000 for each year of study remaining.

"It is inspiring to hear about the determination of these students, which is why the Government has awarded encouragement payments of $5,000 to a further group of 11 apprentices.

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government recognises the need to support apprentices who are doing it tough.

"Apprentices play an important role in the State's growth and we are providing assistance to those students who need extra help. These apprentices are determined to keep on with their training so they can build solid and rewarding careers," Mr Piccoli said.

"The scholarships are named in honour of the NSW Apprenticeships Ambassador, Bert Evans AO, who has spent a lifetime supporting vocational education and training and apprentices in NSW.

"These scholarships are in addition to the Country Apprentice Scholarships we have awarded which support up to 30 apprentices in rural and regional NSW each year to meet additional costs associated with their training."

Information on the Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships and Country Apprentice Scholarships is available from State Training Services Regional Centres on 13 28 11 and at


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