Labor lies on demountables

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has slammed NSW Labor for lying to parents.

"The Opposition spokeswoman has claimed today  that parents of students at
Nicholson Street Public School have been told that their children will have to return to a storm damaged demountable," Mr Piccoli said.

"In fact children will not return to that classroom and the damaged building will be replaced.

"The suggestion that we have cut the demountable replacement program is wrong.  

That was Labor's failed program which they decided to cancel in 2010/11.

"Students and teachers in NSW public schools will benefit from a major investment in capital works across the State this year totalling over $447 million.

"The former Labor Government was always more interested in nice sounding
programs than it was in addressing the $1 billion maintenance liability and
infrastructure backlog in our schools.

"Labor's Demountable Replacement Program ran for 11 years and replaced 216 demountables.  Money made available in this year alone will lead to more than 100 demountables being replaced with permanent facilities," Mr Piccoli said.

Replacing demountables  with permanent facilities is an ongoing part of the
Department's normal capital works program.

The focus of demountable replacement this year will be on schools for special
purposes (SSPs), which cater to some of our most disadvantaged students.


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