Incentives attract the best to take on teaching

5 August 2015 -

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli is encouraging anyone passionate about teaching to apply for the 2016 teacher education scholarships, internships and cadetships.

Mr Piccoli and Member for Drummoyne John Sidoti today met with Rhoie Garay, a recent beneficiary of a Teacher Education Scholarship, who teaches at Five Dock Public School.

Teacher education scholarships are an important way of securing the best teachers to inspire and develop future generations, Mr Piccoli said. Since 2011 more than 1466 scholarships have been awarded to outstanding candidates.

"The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is committed to ensuring the best and brightest candidates train to become teachers," Mr Piccoli said.

"Through Great Teaching, Inspired Learning and the Rural & Remote Education Blueprint we have delivered reforms that will boost the quality of future educators."

Scholarships include:

  • 300 Teacher Education Scholarships available to HSC students, university students and career-change applicants training in areas of need; 
  • 50 teach.Rural scholarships for HSC students to train in teaching areas needed for rural and remote schools;
  • 25 cadetships for HSC students enrolling in teacher education studies who will work part-time in a NSW public school while studying; and
  • 25 internships for teacher education students entering their final year of study.

"All scholars, cadets and interns are guaranteed a permanent teaching position in a NSW public school when they successfully complete their studies," Mr Sidoti said.

For further details of the programs and for information on how to apply, visit


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