Early childhood teaching scholarships awarded

2 September 2013

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today congratulated the inaugural recipients of the NSW Government's Early Childhood Teaching Scholarship.

The scholarships are for Diploma-qualified early childhood educators to upgrade their qualifications to Bachelor Degree level. The scholarships will provide each of the recipients with up to $10,000 to support their study costs.

Mr Piccoli said the scholarships will help to meet NSW's need for early childhood teachers, and provide a much-needed career path for experienced educators to become university-qualified teachers.

"We know that quality early childhood education is important for a child's development, and helps prepare them for school," Mr Piccoli said.

"A skilled and capable workforce is central to achieving the best early learning outcomes for children and their families.

"This program supports some of our best and brightest educators to build their professional capacity, pedagogy and leadership skills," Mr Piccoli said.

The successful candidates are working in early childhood services all over NSW, in regional, remote and metropolitan areas, and more than half are working in disadvantaged communities.

Another round of Early Childhood Teaching Scholarships will be offered in late 2013 for Semester 1 2014 university enrolments.

The Early Childhood Teaching Scholarships are part of a package of initiatives funded from the National Partnership on Early Childhood Education to help support the State's targets to maintain universal access to quality early childhood education programs.

Other initiatives currently being rolled out include a trial of cluster management to support parent-run management committees with the employment, legislative and regulatory requirements of managing small services, and a trial of a ‘transition to school' initiative that will help children to make positive transitions to Kindergarten.


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