Education Minister commends school sectors for contribution to reforms

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has commended the contributions of all school sectors in NSW towards the implementation of the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL) reforms. 

"I want to thank the Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, the NSW Institute of Teachers, the Board of Studies NSW and the Department of Education and Communities for their hard work and commitment to these reforms," Mr Piccoli said.

The Executive Director of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS), Dr Geoff Newcombe, welcomed the latest announcement from the NSW Government.

"The independent schools sector strongly supports the objectives of the NSW Government's Great Teaching, Inspired Learning blueprint."

Dr Newcombe said that the sector is implementing GTIL through a number of initiatives and activities, including:

  • a research partnership with the University of New South Wales to strengthen the quality of teacher practicum placements in independent schools,
  • the development of an evidence-based approach to school improvement, and
  • the development of a comprehensive AIS Leadership Centre 10 day program for aspiring school leaders.

"Independent schools congratulate Premier O'Farrell and Minister Piccoli on what is a very significant education reform agenda," Dr Newcombe said.

Dr Brian Croke, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Commission NSW said that the NSW Government's Great Teaching, Inspired Learning blueprint was galvanising support for a range of projects designed to improve the quality and confidence of all teachers.

"There is a strong belief in NSW Catholic schools that the new reform agenda has the advantage by capitalising on the experience of teachers and providing professional means of sharing it through induction, mentoring and inspiring student teachers during their school practicum," Dr Croke said.

"The growing number of partnerships between schools and universities, especially in country NSW, is also creating new opportunities for attracting high-performing students into teaching," he said. 

Dan White, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, said that as a supporter of the NSW Government's reforms, he is delighted that a Sydney Catholic school, St Michael's Stanmore, has been chosen to launch the implementation plan.

"Our schools are already doing a range of things that support the development of teachers and educational leaders," Dr White said.

"This includes the provision of high-quality professional learning experiences, building stronger professional relationships with our university partners, and providing mentoring, release from face-to-face teaching and supervision to graduate teachers.


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