Back to school: Eight new schools open for first day of school

28 January 2015

NSW Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Mike Baird and Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today visited brand new public schools at The Ponds in Sydney's North West, as more than one million students head back to school for 2015.

The schools at The Ponds are three of eight new public schools opening across NSW in 2015.

"We are investing in our children's future by ensuring we build new state-of-the-art public schools in areas where populations are increasing," said Mr Baird, who was joined at today's event by Mr Piccoli and Riverstone MP Kevin Conolly.

"In total, eight new public schools are opening, following a $114 million investment by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

"Here at The Ponds three new schools worth $70 million are opening, Riverbank Public School, The Ponds High School and The Ponds School, a school for specific purposes."

Other new schools opening today are:

  • Cammeraygal High School (Crows Nest);
  • Victoria Avenue Public School (Concord West);
  • Wangee Park School (Lakemba); and
  • Lake Cathie Public School.

In addition to these schools the State's first online high school, Aurora College, will open for students in rural and remote locations.

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Liberals & Nationals have committed almost $3.2 billion to school infrastructure and maintenance since March 2011.

"In our first term of government 18 new or relocated public schools have been funded and 44 major upgrade projects have been announced," Mr Piccoli said.

"The NSW Government has also announced funding for an additional 694 additional permanent classroom spaces, reducing the need for demountables.

"These projects will deliver more than 10,000 net additional public school places for schools across the State.

"Our goal is clear — to ensure that every NSW student is successful, with the opportunity to achieve the best possible results at school."

Premier Mike Baird visiting new public schools

Premier Mike Baird visiting new public schools

Premier Mike Baird visiting new public schools

Photos: Premier Mike Baird visiting new public schools at The Ponds in Sydney's north-west on Wednesday 28 January.


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