Attracting top teachers to boost regional students

1 June 2015

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today praised the impact of the Rural and Remote Blueprint for Action on supporting the improvement of educational outcomes for regional students.

Mr Piccoli visited Griffith High School where he met Natasha Greig, a science teacher who moved to the area after visiting the region on a program supported through the Blueprint.

"Natasha, who is now teaching physics and science, is exactly the sort of teacher we are trying to attract to regional schools," Mr Piccoli said.

"As a Sydneysider in her final year of teacher training, Natasha had a taste for the country through a Beyond the Line – Rural visit to Barellan Central last year.

"The Department of Education and Communities program provides direct experience of rural and remote schools and communities to students who are considering pursuing teaching careers in rural and remote areas.

"We are encouraging top teachers, graduates and school leaders to consider regional schools."

Other initiatives attracting strong responses for student teachers include:

  • Additional incentives, including a recruitment benefit, rental subsidies, reimbursement of accreditation fees for Highly Accomplished Teachers
  • Teach.rural scholarships, cadetships and internships
  • Opportunities for schools to offer permanent positions to retain valuable temporary teachers and executives.

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Government's four-year $80 million Rural and Remote Blueprint for Action is aiming to reduce the gap between rural and urban educational achievement by:

  • Strengthening early childhood education in rural and remote areas
  • Giving students in rural and remote schools access to a broad range of curriculum opportunities, particularly gifted and talented students
  • Establishing 15 specialist centres to offer coordinated interagency health and wellbeing services.

"The actions in the Blueprint complement and build on our broad reform agenda which is already underway with initiatives such as Local Schools Local Decisions, Great Teaching Inspired Learning, Connected Communities and Every Student Every School," Mr Piccoli said.


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